Employee Support Programs

employee perspectiveThe Employee Support Program is a service that has most recently been introduced to our boutique service line. The “youngster” joined us 2013 and you will find below the launch announcement:

I am happy to announce that I have started today the first Employee Support Program, as part of the development of new services in my “portfolio of choice”.

The business case: International company in the services industry; cost-reduction in employee-related assistance activities (training and teambuilding have been cut down, during the performance review less time for discussions related to the personal well-being of the employees, HR involved in projects that do not allow ‘consulting time’ for employees, managers overwhelmed by daily activities to allow more time for ‘soft’ discussions with team members, etc.).

The assignment: Appointing an external consultant to run discussions with employees – both with employees who have shown signs of discomfort, decreased performance or enthusiasm, verbalized unhappiness and with employees who have been informed that the program has started and asked voluntarily for personal discussions with the consultant.

The collaboration algorithm: Consultant meets employees inside or outside the office and they jointly identify potential sources of discomfort, anxiety, anger, dissatisfaction, any other situation that might affect their well-being, performance, physical comfort and enthusiasm. Listening, listening, listening… Sometimes the trouble is not at work, it is at home. Sometimes the trouble at work is taken at home. None of this should happen. And sometimes there are so easy steps to be done for making employees feel comfortable! Even letting them speak out, confidentially, makes them feel better. An informal talk therapy…. Additionally, based on individual situations revealed during personal discussions, the consultant teams up with a variety of specialists (psychologists, financial specialists, legal experts, medical doctors, etc.), ensuring thus that appropriate advice and support is given.
The outcome: Based on the agreement with the employee & the level of confidentiality, the consultant advices the company management on possible measures to be taken for the employee to return to his comfort zone. Even if the employee does not agree for the consultant to disclose information, it is still a win for the company! The employee has had the chance to speak it out and appreciates the company for allowing the time for him to do that and for initiating the program and, eventually, he might get self-motivated or work himself ‘alone’ out of the potential unpleasant feeling/situation/turbulence.

— Madalina Dobraca / 12.02.2013

Meanwhile we registered more interest and subsequent success for our program in Romania. As much as similar programs are widely developed worldwide, Romania did not really adhere to similar approaches so far (status per April 2014).

The algorithm is very simple in this case, at least for the employing company: we work based on a monthly fixed fee and visit your premises as often as needed to discuss with your selected employees. They become enrolled in our program and, once dissatisfaction or underperformance reasons are identified, we step in with the appropriate team of collaborators from multidisciplinary fields (medical, financial, psychology, legal, etc.). The results of our efforts can be usually measured, but for the sake of full honesty, we need to disclose isolated situations where our joint input did not really fixed the underlying problem or cause.

Nonetheless, we are positive that this line of service may significantly help individuals in a company to perform at the level of settled expectations and to achieve expected results.


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