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Everybody is Beautiful is a unique art experience for groups.

Because we believe every human being is beautiful, we have developed a photographic experience in which people enjoy a moment together, have their portrait taken by an amazingly talented photographer, Géraldine Aresteanu, and discover how the people they know are all beautiful.

A positive, energetic and unique moment to share together and all around the world.

There are no two pictures alike. We are all different and all beautiful. • One unfolds; it reveals aspects of the personality. • It allows us to let go and we give the best of ourselves, without complexes. • In all the pictures, I have seen my friends’ personality. • I saw the others in a different way than the way they are during working hours.
Vanessa • Virginie • Béatrice • Stéphanie • Anca Valentina
Those are not photos but revealing portraits. • It was surprising, innovative and entertaining. • Great way to enjoy “team spirit”, the real one, capturing the natural “inner self”. • We had a lot of fun. I would strongly recommend to participate in Everybody is Beautiful. • I relaxed doing it and had a lot of fun. • I saw my colleagues playing, smiling and happy, without any other concern, being proud, beautiful and shinning as real stars. • I liked the way every colleague involved himself, impersonating a different character of him.
Gianina • Carp • Catalin • Laura • Roxana • Anca • Cristi
The session helps you to discover new things about yourself. • It was an atypical way to move my team and have a lot of fun. • Very interesting, slightly disturbing, with an unexpected result. • What we do is what we are and this defines us. So working in the head of a robot for almost two years, I started looking at life through it. • I feel more serene. • The ambiance was so good that it was really hard to stay serious.
Roxana • Cristi • William • Nikos • Laurent • Bertrand
I discovered a one-of-a-kind shooting! The pictures are wonderful. • I am glad I participated, it was fun. • I spent a privileged moment with my team and my favorite robot. • This session was a wonderful gift for my team. • The idea is original, the outcome is very good in a very nice atmosphere.
Petra • Kristian • Thomas • Rodolphe • Vincent
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