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Management CoachingThe most rewarding professional and personal experiences I have had over time are probably the ones linked to the one-to-one working hours, days, months and even years with individuals! Remarkable individuals! Beautiful people I have had the chance to assist, coach, counsel, gain their trust & friendship, enjoying their professional and personal achievements!

The Management Coaching programs are usually assigned to me by client-companies who are willing to invest in the continuous development of their managers.

The Career Counseling Programs are part of the market-niche I have willingly entered in 2012, where the client is the individual, the “candidate” and not the company. In so many different ways an Executive Search Consultant should always regard both parties as equally important and equally “client”. Unfortunately this doesn’t really always apply.

Regardless however if the persons I am working with are assigned to me by a company or if they are my individual clients, I become their ‘concierge’ Executive Search Consultant and commit to invest all efforts, knowledge and empathy to guide them towards:

  • The identification of a new assignment / employer
  • Empowering their most relevant professional achievements and personal characteristics
  • Focusing on the bright side of their unique individual skills, abilities and knowledge to succeed and feel confident
  • Taking chances and make wishful thinking happen

Working with individuals is highly sensitive and the relationship is bound to strict rules of confidentiality. This is the reason why I cannot really expand the description of this “chapter”. I have worked with quite a number of individuals over the past two decades and I have created a new working model in assisting individuals after 2012. Today I am proud of each and every person I have collaborated with and I am positive that personal recommendations will always be provided upon specific request.

“Madalina and I know each other since 2000. We have a long history together in the areas of management coaching and career counseling. Over the years we have developed a trustful professional relationship. I delegated to Madalina some of my most sensitive assignments – the internal assessment of management functions and, subsequently, the coaching program with my first line managers. My management team and I have unanimously valued Madalina’s input and efforts in working with us. Madalina does not solely provide a professional service, but moreover an empathic human orientation, a flexible approach and a customized solution to our needs.”
Violeta Ciurel, CEO & President AXA Romania
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