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“Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.” Malcolm Forbes

Today: Denmark | Djibouti | Dominica | Dominican Republic

Cover Photography © Eric A. Clement | Children in Balbala, Djibouti


Photo © Kristoffer Juel Poulsen | Jazz Festival in Copenhagen

Photo © Kristoffer Juel Poulsen | Jazz Festival in Copenhagen

Did you know?

2016 World’s Happiest Countries: Denmark Ranks First

Denmark is the happiest country in the world, according to the 2016 United Nations World Happiness Report. Denmark has been on the top position back in 2013. Furthermore, it was among the first three in 2015.

Professor of Economics Christian Bjørnskov from Aarhus Business School knows all about happiness, he even wrote his PhD on the subject. “The happiness surveys normally ask people to evaluate their lives. Research show what makes the Danes so happy is that they are very trusting of other people they don’t know. Trust helps make people happy. Also just as importantly, Danes feel empowered to be able to change something in their life if they don’t like it,” he says. More …


Greenland’s Status

Photo © | People of Greenland

Photo © | People of Greenland

Since the eighteenth century, Greenland has been a territory controlled by Denmark. In recent years, however, Greenland has regained a considerable level of autonomy from Denmark. In 1979, Greenland was granted home rule by Denmark. Six years later, Greenland left the European Economic Community (the forerunner of the European Union) in order to keep its fishing grounds from European rules. About 50,000 of Greenland’s 57,000 residents are indigenous Inuit.

It wasn’t until 2008 that Greenland’s citizens voted in a non-binding referendum for increased independence from Denmark. In a vote of over 75% in favor, Greenlanders voted to reduce their involvement with Denmark. With the referendum Greenland voted to take control of law enforcement, the justice system, coast guard, and to share more equality in oil revenue.

The official language of Greenland also changed to Greenlandic (also known as Kalaallisut).

This change to a more independent Greenland officially took place in June 2009, the 30th anniversary of Greenland’s home role in 1979. Greenland maintains some independent treaties and foreign relations. However, Denmark retains ultimate control for foreign affairs and defense of Greenland. More …



Photo © Eric Lafforgue

Photo © Eric Lafforgue

Did you know?

Djibouti has a long tradition of poetry with well-developed Somali forms of verse including: gabay, jiifto, geeraar, wiglo, buraanbur,beercade, afarey and guuraw. The gabay (epic poem) has the most complex length and meter, often exceeding 100 lines. It is considered the mark of poetic attainment when a young poet is able to compose such verse, and is considered the height of poetry.



Photo © Andi Perullo | Kalinago Barana Aute

Photo © Andi Perullo | Kalinago Barana Aute

Did you know?

Dominica (not to be confused with the Dominican Republic) is one of those off-the-radar destinations that makes you wonder how it remained that way for so long. The “nature island” as it has been affectionately deemed, Dominica is home to roughly 72.000 inhabitants, some of the kindest and most genuine people you’ll meet. More …



Photo © Ezra Millstein | Child in Santo Domingo

Photo © Ezra Millstein | Child in Santo Domingo

Did you know?

Dominicans are referred to as Quisqueyans

The word “Dominican” never appears in the DR national anthem; instead the people are referred to as Quisqueyans. The word “Quisqueya” is a derivative from a native tongue of the Taino Indians which means, “Mother of all Lands.”  Many Taino words have been integrated into the everyday Spanish vocabulary. More …


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