The ABC of Managers

The Manager’s Imperative Alphabet!

Having worked with so many managers over the past two decades, I always asked what defines them as good managers, what affirmations have been valid for them at all times as business managers and people managers. The information gathered is now herewith alphabetically listed, almost quotes from their self-imposed imperatives for being valued managers!

The ABC of Managers_2

  • Avoid assumptions!
  • Ask the right questions!
  • Assess correctly!
  • Admit own shortcomings or mistakes!
  • Achieve!
  • Attract the right people!
The ABC of Managers_3

  • Be dependable and reliable!
  • Build morale!
  • Be consistent in behavior!
  • Believe!
  • Be honest!
  • Be flexible!
The ABC of Managers_12

  • Commit yourself!
  • Coach & counsel!
  • Collaborate!
  • Care!
  • Communicate!
  • Control emotions / control your ego!
The ABC of Managers_13

  • Delegate!
  • Develop people! Develop yourself!
  • Discuss objectives!
  • Discover!
  • Do it!
  • Dare to experiment with your ideas!
The ABC of Managers_14

  • Empathize!
  • Engage people!
  • Empower your team!
  • Enjoy managing!
  • Excel at time management!
  • Earn recognition!
The ABC of Managers_15

  • Follow from the front!
  • Focus on customers/clients to improve business performance!
  • Face the reality!
  • Facilitate new business development!
  • “Fear not!”
  • Find solutions!
The ABC of Managers_16

  • Go the extra mile!
  • Gain the commitment of your team!
  • Grasp opportunities!
  • Grow with your team!
  • Gather people around you!
  • Get your message across!
The ABC of Managers_17

  • Help others!
  • Have faith!
  • Hand down your knowledge to your team!
  • Harden your business!
  • Highlight team effort and team spirit!
  • ‘Hang loose!”
The ABC of Managers_18

  • Innovate!
  • Inspire people!
  • Influence the culture of teams!
  • Improve!
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats!
  • Implement best practices!
The ABC of Managers_19

  • Join people whom you can learn from & with!
  • Judge objectively!
  • Joke once in a while and maintain a good sense of humor!
  • Joie de vivre!
The ABC of Managers_20

  • Keep your promises!
  • Kindle the spark within!
The ABC of Managers_21

  • Listen!
  • Lead by example!
  • Leverage!
  • Launch!
  • Learn!
  • “Leave no man behind!”
The ABC of Managers_22

  • Make decisions!
  • Motivate yourself and others!
  • Mediate!
  • Make it happen!
  • Manage sagely!
  • Mirror yourself in the eyes of your team!
The ABC of Managers_23

  • Navigate your ship safely!
  • Negotiate in win-win terms!
  • Narrow down!
The ABC of Managers_24

  • Open your mind!
  • Optimize!
  • Organize!
  • Observe!
  • Originate!
The ABC of Managers_25

  • Persuade!
  • Provide feedback!
  • Plan ahead!
  • Participate!
  • Pay it forward!
The ABC of Managers_26

  • Question yourself and others to develop!
  • Qualify!
The ABC of Managers_27

  • Respect people!
  • Recognize achievements!
  • Remain calm!
  • Recruit wisely!
  • Resolve conflicts!
The ABC of Managers_28

  • Share!
  • Set clear goals!
  • Show integrity!
  • Seek input, response and feedback!
  • Safeguard your business and its people!
  • Service your customers/clients!
The ABC of Managers_29

  • Think outside the box!
  • Thank people!
  • Take the lead!
  • Team-up!
  • Tackle every task efficiently!
  • Tailor your systems, practices & policies!
The ABC of Managers_30

  • Understand technology!
  • Unchain creativity and innovation!
  • Underline targets!
  • Undertake responsibility!
  • Update!
  • Use your talent and skills!
The ABC of Managers_4

  • Value others & value everyone’s contribution!
  • Validate!
  • Venture calculatedly!
  • Verify!
  • Vow to accomplish!
  • Volunteer if it keeps your heart beating!
The ABC of Managers_6

  • Wake up happy every morning!
  • Welcome opportunities!
  • Work towards success!
  • Waste no unnecessary time, nor money or energy!
  • Watch over your crew!
The ABC of Managers_5

  • X-Ray your thoughts before acting!
The ABC of Managers_7

  • You owe thanks to your inspirational models!
The ABC of Managers_8

  • Zigzag business obstacles smartly!
  • Zoom in when necessary, zoom out when needed!
Featured Artist & Copyright: Ilie Krasovschi (original images)

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Young Talents

Everybody is Beautiful / “Young Talents”

On June 11, 2014 our “Everybody is Beautiful” team (Emmanuelle Mordacq, Geraldine Aresteanu, Madalina Dobraca) has performed a professional shooting with the Young Talents supported by The Princess Margarita of Romania Foundation. The project has been financed by Vodafone Foundation and we are truly grateful!

The attached selected pictures speak for themselves!Continue reading

Drafting Cover Letters

Cover Letters

Receiving an average of ten CVs per day by e-mail, I am embarrassed to admit that I seldom open the “Letter of Intent” if this comes as an attachment next to the enclosed CV. I thoroughly read the CV, but I often fail opening the attached letter.

Recognizing this superficiality, I tried to find a reason (not an excuse!) and to identify ways to empower applicants to submit more appealing letters of intent.

The term “Letter of Intent” is not by chance almost synonym to “Cover Letter”. I do read Cover Letters! As paradoxical this may sound, I have a solid explanation for clarifying the apparent misunderstanding.

The term “Cover Letter” already includes an intrinsic definition: this is a letter that is put in front of a subsequent message or attachment! The Cover Letter is meant to attract the attention of the reader! An intelligent, targeted, clear, catching cover letter can be a gate-opener for recruiters!

In order to raise interest for your attached CV, I will try to list below some tips related to your Cover Letter:Continue reading

How to write your CV

CV Writing

In 20 years of recruitment I must have read thousands CVs and probably drafted hundreds while assisting individuals in their quest for exploring new employment opportunities.

The average time for writing a meaningful, accurate and appealing CV is of 4-5 dedicated hours! This is quality time! No joking. The time spent looking back, assessing past achievements, indentifying key areas of expertise, knowledge and skills is a rewarding experience! It moreover helps you to look into the future with full confidence and feasible targets.Continue reading

Your turn to ask questions

“Do you have any questions?”

Most professional employment interviews end with the part when the recruiter asks the candidate if he has any questions to ask.

Your questions may change the outcome of the interview! The more intelligent you phrase the questions, the more odds you have to enhance your employment chances!

Questions are meant both for you to demonstrate how much you know about the organization and to enable you and the recruiter to assess the company, lifestyle, business & people acumen, suitability for the role and in the team, ‘chemistry’, etc. It is moreover your turn to find out if the employer offers what you are seeking!Continue reading

Development Feedback

Development Feedback

More and more candidates complain about the lack of feedback from interviewers. The complaints go against both interviewers of recruitment companies and internal recruiters of employing companies.

Feedback after an interview is the most basic form of respect that an interviewer should pay to an interviewed candidate! Even negative feedback is better than none!

Nobody really expects an interviewer to provide instant feedback (although this might happen as well and, constructively given, there is considerable value in learning from this prompt assessment); however everybody expects to have a comeback on the interview in a reasonable time frame.Continue reading



Many of you might have been involved in recruitment processes and eventually rejected with a simple sentence: “You are overqualified for the position”!

As much as this feed-back may be accurate in some cases, most often “overqualified” is just an ‘honorable’ excuse used by recruiters and a more easy way for them to reject candidates, without confronting you with the real situation or issue.

Behind the curtain, “overqualified” can be thus a “synonym” for:Continue reading

We are the system

We Are the System @ Aiurart

I am the system. You are the system. No matter how far or where we migrate to, we are the system.

Daniel Balanescu is preoccupied by the relationship arising between patterns and crowds, by transitions and social entropy. He used a variety of techniques on surfaces which vary from canvas to paper or used tube tickets to articulate the tension of a lone reflective being forced along by the movement of the swarm.
Daniel Balanescu – We Are the System
Curator: Dan Plesa

Please join me and my close friends in welcoming Daniel Balanescu @ Aiurart! Not only do I love his works, but, as you may have seen, some of them have illustrated my site. I am grateful & honored!
20th of May – 21st of June 2014 | Aiurart Contemporary Art Space | Bucharest, 21, Lirei St.

Full image | Copyright Daniel Balanescu & Aiurart

Confidentiality in Executive Search

Confidentiality – a Must in Executive Search


It is often said that ‘Information is Power’. In our business, nothing is more valuable to our clients and candidates than quality information that is accurate and 100% confidential.

Our company subscribes to a code of ethics that states that the relationships to clients and candidates should be characterized by honesty, objectivity, accuracy and respect for confidentiality.

Full Image | Copyright / Artist: Daniel Balanescu & Aiurart

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