BINAR featuring Alex Radu


BINAR is a twofold human project which pairs two equally talented and lively photographers – Geraldine Aresteanu and Cornel Lazia.

Both artists focus simultaneously on the same person, zoom in and capture side by side a combined reflection of this unique individual. The resulting combo changes the way you look at people and, profounder, people you look at start to change … “…when they look at me, I so badly want to be who they see.” (Jodi Picoult, Vanishing Acts).


BINAR thus becomes an artistic act that can be built in and around people engaged in diverse scenes – team cohesion exercises, workshops, ateliers, rap sessions, brainstorming think-ins, get-togethers or cycle meetings.

At the same time, BINAR has the requisite ingredients to be a self-standing workshop itself: people join to discover themselves through the image they convey and by collecting their perceived portraits.

Each participant leaves our workshop with her/his twin snapshots, the self-discovery experience and the endowment of the collective group happening.


We are open to explore any other related project purposes or implementation variables that might better suit your needs and expectations!


“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”  Edgar Allan Poe

Featured photographers and copyright: Geraldine Aresteanu & Cornel Lazia

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