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Dictionary: “It” Factor

It Factor: “In business this essentially means the one special factor that makes any company new, or different, or interesting. In the past, this term has been known as the ‘secret ingredient,’ ‘the special sauce,’ and ‘the X factor.’ In other words, the ‘It Factor’ is basically an updated epithet or those previously aforementioned terms.” Ian Aronovich, CEO, GovernmentAuctions.org

“It” is the je ne sais quoi that makes a company even more attractive and desirable than a company that is just conventionally attractive. Almost similar to a person of whom you would say that s/he has a certain ‘it’ which makes her/him extremely sexy and attractive, even if s/he is obviously not the most beautiful creature on earth :).

Companies with “it” may be renowned, healthy and wealthy, yet “it” is not solely about health and wealth. “It” is rather an assemblage of the company’s business conduct, management behaviors, engaging leadership, products & brands, innovative culture & true values and people attitudes that combine in such a way as to create an emotional whole that radiates charisma and desirability.

When a company truly has an “it”, then …

  • the “it” is identifiable at all company levels and throughout the organization;
  • the company with “it” makes its employees, partners and suppliers feel special;
  • the “it” company benefits from customers enthusiasm and devotion;
  • the “it” company is ‘cool’ (= fresh & new, fun, makes people fulfilled & happy)

Last but not least, the “it” company creates a tribal connection, a shared community! “People like us” …. this is how “it” company employees and partners refer to the organization!

Are you the lucky partner of a company that has “it”? Share your experience with us!


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