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Also known as the Millennial Generation or Generation Y, the Millennials are the demographic group of people born in the 80’ & 90’s and who will globally comprise by 2025 the majority of the workforce.

In a Forbes article inserted June 2014, Meghan M. Biro expands on the subject: “Work is about to be dominated by a new breed of talent, the Millennial, a digitally hooked-in generation with its own culture and expectations. […] Employee expectations require new modes of work and productivity — blazing evidence that change is inevitable. Today many more workers expect 24/7 workplace flexibility. They want transparency even before they apply for a job. They want to be engaged, to be challenged, and to be able to acquire new skill sets and competencies whenever and wherever. To stay satisfied in their work they need to feel integral to their organization, an active member of its ecosystem. In terms of HR the challenges are not just to attract but to retain, and that requires a new culture that embraces and actually fosters these new behaviors. Truly recognizing employee potential is critical – A pat on the back is not enough. And guess what? We’re all becoming Millennials due to these changes. Deal with it.”

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce describes Millennials as: “Optimistic. Diverse. Overly self-confident and self-absorbed.”

PewResearchCenter characterizes Millennials as: “Confident. Connected. Open to Change.”


You may agree or not to the portrayal made above, you may even have your own description of Millennials, however there is a common denominator we need to acknowledge: the Millennials exist and they are definitely a challenging generation!


So …. How Millennial Are You?

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