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ROWE™, a.k.a. Results-Only Work Environment™, is a type of flexible work arrangement, whose 2005 creators are Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson, co-CEOs of CultureRx®. Cali and Jodi subsequently designed a methodology for ROWE™ certified organizations.

Their promise to companies utilizing this dynamic, agile operating system is that these organizations will:

  • Establish clear outcome-based goals and measures leading to an average of 20% increased productivity
  • Expand individual and team capacity through the elimination of waste and inefficient work processes
  • Infuse accountability throughout the entire employee population
  • Attract top talent from all generations
  • Establish higher levels of customer and client satisfaction
  • Dramatically reduce voluntary turnover rates by as much as 90%


Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE) involves a cultural shift away from managing by the 40-hour work week and toward giving employees more autonomy and control about where, when, and how long they work. Thus, employees are evaluated on the basis of the results they have achieved rather than how many hours they have logged on the job. The focus is on achieving mutually contracted, clear work goals such that employees take ownership of their work and responsibility for its outcome. (Definition by Alfred P. Sloan Foundation / Workplace Flexibility Initiative).

Several companies have successfully implemented ROWE and are still using it, others however decided later on to opt out the system.

Best Buy, for example, who was among the first companies to implement ROWE, decided 2013 to discontinue this way of working. Yahoo also aborted ROWE in 2013, creating a debate over whether flexible work arrangements really make sense everywhere, all the time.


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