Employers to require new skills in 2019

You might have noticed that Job Descriptions and Role Requirements have already become increasingly sophisticated, at least with regards to general management skills & leadership flair, marketing versatility & ingenuity. New competencies are required from all employees across organizations.


Leadership Traits & Management Attributes

֍ Optimism as leadership distinction – the ability to energize people and enable employees to perform;

֍ “Stand-Up Strategists” – leaders who understand the utility of humor to boost creativity and innovation

֍ Supporting but challenging as a manager;

֍ Business leadership to resemble coaching;

֍ The manager as a central champion of learning;

֍ The business manager as enabler, advocate and safe guarder of employees’ Top 3 present wants: Career, Community and Cause.


Marketing Malleability & Cleverness

֍ Ability to introduce and manage a H2H (Human to Human) Marketing approach (focus on engagement, quality over quantity, account-based marketing, omnichannel marketing, the awareness that a community of like-minded individuals = the customer, related storytelling, the marketer as trusted advisor);

֍ Capacity to create and work with brands that focus on users not buyers (digital vs. traditional brands – positioning the brands in the lives of the customers instead of the minds of the customers and make the difference between purchase brands and usage brands).



Joint Competencies Across Organizations

These are common aptitudes and attitudes that will be required from each and every single employee in an organization:

֍ Digital Quotient (next to IQ), defined as a set of technical, cognitive, and socio-emotional competencies that enable individuals to face the challenges of and adapt to the demands of digital life (related skills required: encompassing digital citizenship, digital resilience, media & information literacy);

֍ Adaptability Quotient (next to IQ and EQ) – see 30 HR & Business Terms and Trends in 2018

֍ Data Skills – developing a holistic view on how to think about data & what questions to ask and, moreover, the acknowledgement that data literacy is not solely a technical issue, but a business issue;

֍ Situational awareness and outside-in perspective;

֍ The ability to work effectively remotely;


Last but not least, employers will require of all employees to possess a clean Online Identity & Digital Footprint (e.g. social media accounts). You thus might want to spend some time during coming holidays to review your timelines 😉 – even more so since Social Recruitment has become prevalent.


Photography © Géraldine Aresteanu

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