Forecast Autumn 2015: Recruitment Market & HR Trends

September 1st 2015

The Romanian HR market prepares for the autumn business season. It seems to be the start of a quite busy period; active developments are expected in terms of recruitment, along with focused HR tendencies.

Facts & Figures:

  • Romania’s first semester of 2015 has been described as a stretch with a healthy economic growth, a reduced inflation, a stable local currency exchange rate and a reduced public debt, all leading to an improved country image and investment attractiveness
  • Foreign investments have grown with 40% in the first 6 months of the year (compared to the similar period of 2014), which has also led to new job openings

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Recruitment & HR:

  • Recruitment peaks are continuously expected in Shared Service Centers / Business Process Outsourcing companies – focus on IT specialists, Accounting professionals, Internal Recruiters
  • IT recruitment remains a challenge; many companies are complaining about not being able to find the right pool of available talent (in terms of numbers and sought-after experience)
  • Call Centers are facing difficulties in attracting young people (fresh graduates chose to rather rely on unemployment pay than enrolling in laborious call center activities)
  • The mindset gap between generation X and generation Y seems to widen, noticeable especially in companies which almost equally employ both age categories (a topic to work on, particularly since the first born of generation Z will also start working by the end of 2015)
  • There is still a scarcity of available top management vacancies compared to the number of active seekers of such assignments
  • The demand of (non-managerial) specialized technical positions and niche roles is escalating
  • Some industry sectors have strengthened the recovery process started end of 2014 (e.g. construction materials, real estate) and consequently resumed recruitment as well
  • Almost all FMCG companies have achieved business growth in the first semester of 2015. Based on these results, several companies have active recruitment assignments, new headcounts have been opened
  • Retail trade turnover has also registered growth in the first semester of 2015, compared to the same period of 2014. However, the retail sector is still reorganizing its human resources structures.
  • Investment Funds optimistically seek new business in Romania. Interim Management might become a new topic.
  • The banking sector is back on profit after the first semester of 2015. Still, reorganization projects are ongoing or further expected, challenging thus people organizations across the industry.
  • Pharmaceutical companies are continuously challenged by the legislative environment and the general health system mechanism. The industry remains however a sector of choice in employment.
  • Telecom operators are further investing in large development plans; they are listed among the top employing companies
  • Executive Search firms and Recruitment companies are back in business and developing themselves through new hires (Business Developers, Consultants, Researchers)
  • The Services industry overall is recovering and looking forward to expanding business
  • There are nation-wide vacancies in production facilities of all kinds
  • The number of newly founded firms in Romania has increased in the first semester of 2015, for the first time after 3 consecutive years of decrease
  • The regional repartition of country-wide investments remains similar to the previous years, being led by Bucharest-Ploiesti-Pitesti; North-Western Romania (including Cluj); Timis
  • Cluj-Napoca is the most attractive city in terms of relocation
  • Employer branding is subject of renewed interest for reputable companies
  • Most Desired Employers 2015 (according to Catalyst Solutions): Oracle, Google, Microsoft, IBM, OMV Petrom, Continental, Vodafone, Renault Romania, HP, Coca-Cola
  • KPIs are being redefined for several roles and across organizations to reflect performance patterns during times of business recovery and need for safeguarding & pushing growth ahead
  • Several management positions are subject to new or additional key requirements and accountabilities in their job descriptions to match the present development stage of the companies
  • Change Management experience is a value-adding background for almost all management positions
  • HR Managers are required to attract and recruit appropriate personnel, to efficiently align human resources to the new business requests and to work out systematic retention plans
  • Identification of high-potential employees is a must, along with their continuous development
  • HR teams become more and more valuable to the business
  • Cost Reduction topics are still high on the agenda; however most companies show willingness to restart investing in innovation, learning and development, recruitment, etc.
  • Companies are developing and empowering their own (online) recruitment platforms
  • Social media is even more a recruitment medium
  • Mobile-optimized HR software gains ground; technology plays an important role in HR’s evolution
  • Compensation & Benefits are being reviewed by several companies with local operations
  • Employee Wellbeing is increasingly popular among a variety of large firms
  • There is a definite need to revive employee motivation and team spirit, to enhance the feeling of belonging and to allow employees access to the greater picture
  • Job Security should not any longer rank among the first motivators when people make a career choice

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Overall, it seems that Romania is optimistically starting the autumn business season. Business Growth and Development are the key words to follow. Let’s work on these for the next 4 months of 2015!


Featured Artist: Constantin Severin (Text and Time 16, Text and Time 5, Text and Time 7)


Romanian visual artist, writer, poet and journalist, Constantin Severin is the founder and promoter of a new awarded concept / movement on the contemporary art scene, the archetypal expressionism.

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