J.Ace Collage Bucharest by Madalina Dobraca 2018

Headhunting in Bucharest

WARNING 🧛: This is not about Headhunting as in Executive Search! Nor is it about the practice of taking and preserving a person’s head after killing the person 😊! Or maybe just a little – in terms of taking pictures and preserving the memory of a novel artistic intervention by J.Ace that has been happening in Bucharest.

I have discovered J.Ace thanks to Feeder.ro, „the alternative nation’s news agency”, a website which, for the past 14 years, has been publishing news and articles on the urban scene, alternative events, contemporary art, music, architecture, design, contemporary dance & more.

“If you pay close attention to the details when you stroll down the streets of the central Bucharest, you can see in certain places, on the concrete walls, some very interesting and even intriguing little figurines that have a secret story behind. The mystery is even greater, because J.Ace, the guy who creates them, is a UK street artist who likes to make incognito visits all over the world.”

J.Ace | Str. Cristofor Columb, Bucharest | Photo Madalina Dobraca_26.09.2018

“Until now, J.Ace has left tracks in Bangkok, Copenhagen, Geneva, Tehran, Shanghai, Paris, Mumbai, Mexico City, Kiev, Washington, Tokyo and London, of course, to name just a few of the cities he visited so far. These little figurines draw attention to issues facing contemporary society, such as violence against women, or, in other cases, humorously complements the urban landscape, whether it is a graffiti that fills a space or simply an empty wall that appears interesting for the artist.”

J.Ace | Nosferatu | Str. Stirbei Voda, Bucharest | Photo Madalina Dobraca_28.09.2018

“J.Ace is recognized among street artists with these figurines as little as a palm, with features or colors specific to very diverse destinations on all continents. This is because J.Ace likes to travel and discover the spirit of the place, which he then molds in clay, carving them with some special wooden tools, all of which result in the famous figurines he then burns in the oven. Sometimes they are simple, colorless and seem to sleep, sometimes their vivid colors, the shape and the gloss draw attention, and the figurines seem to speak to those who look at them. Sympathetic faces, grotesque faces, bears and rabbits, sikh with turbans, sleeping or smiling faces, Frida Kahlo and women wearing Muslim veils, women with bandaged noses, elephants, puppies, piglets and Harry Potter, Nosferatu and vampires, Indian gods and Dracula, Queen of England and Yayoi Kusama, Vlad Țepeș and David Bowie. They are all very plastic or even challenging, they make you think and have a message to send, even if sometimes the message is just that: smile.”

J.Ace | Mini Vlad | Carturesti Verona, Bucharest | Photo Madalina Dobraca_28.09.2018

J.Ace | Vampire | Str. Boteanu, Bucharest | Photo Madalina Dobraca_28.09.2018

“Perhaps you have already grasped it by the themes approached, J.Ace has also been in Romania, about 3-4 times in recent years. He visited Bran, Peleș and also Bucharest, of course. The proof of his stay in the capital are the figurines he left generously on Ştirbei Vodă Street, Cărtureşti Verona and the Eden Garden. And as Cinema Teatrul de Vară Capitol is a must-see when you come to Bucharest, he has been here several times, but J.Ace’s figurines dedicated to the Capitol have disappeared.” Fact is that the organizers have made a fourth attempt and prepared a new secret visit of J.Ace in Bucharest, which happened recently, in September 2018.

J.Ace | Vampire | Gradina Eden, Bucharest | Photo Madalina Dobraca_28.09.2018

J. Ace | Str. Arthur Verona, Bucharest | Photo Madalina Dobraca_28.09.2018

J. Ace | Vampire | Pasajul Victoriei, Bucharest | Photo Madalina Dobraca_27.09.2018

“This time we will collaborate with a series of micro-interventions related to the story and history of the Capitol and the surrounding area. J.Ace will represent the figures of remarkable characters such as Constantin Mille, who gives the name of the street where the Capitol Summer Garden is located, Nicolae Nenciulescu, the architect of the Summer Capitol Theatre, Henriette Delavrancea, the architect of the Capitol cinema. Among the figurines modelled by J.Ace now is also the god Pan, who is a central figure in the decor of the Capitol Summer Theatre, as well as Queen Elizabeth of Romania, whose name is borne by the boulevard on which the Capitol cinema is built.”

J.Ace | Teatrul de Vara Capitol | Constantin Mille & Nicolae Nenciulescu | Photo Madalina Dobraca_26.09.2018

J.Ace | Bd. Regina Elisabeta, Bucharest | Regina Elisabeta of Romania & Henriette Delavrancea | Photo Madalina Dobraca_29.09.2018

J. Ace | The God Pan | Str. Constantin Mille, Bucharest | Photo Madalina Dobraca_29.09.2018

J.Ace | Str. Constantin Mille 11, Bucharest | Photo Madalina Dobraca_27.09.2018

“Headhunting” for J.Ace’s figurines across the centrum of Bucharest (September 26 – 29, 2018 | I have discovered 13 figurines – the organizers themselves initially knew about 12 of them 😉) has been to me not only a valued, purposeful and joyful treasure hunt (and reason for genuine childish laughter at every new discovery of a figurine 😊!), but also a history lesson and the chance to get to know beautiful people who defend and promote the Romanian patrimony. RESPECT, Andrei Racovitan & Cristina Popa Pisica Viesparu! THANK YOU, Feeder.ro and Save or Cancel!

Photo Copyright © Madalina Dobraca

Please read the quoted article in Feeder.ro here. You will find other pictures as well!


LATER EDIT (01.10.2018): Exceeding all my hopes 😉, I have found today 2 new J.Ace figurines!

The first one, on Calea Victoriei, tells a lovely story – J.Ace liked the eagle painted by Cristian Pass so much, that he “offered” him one of his miniatures (placed above Cristi’s eagle and street sign).

J.Ace | Calea Victoriei | Above the eagle painted by Cristian Pass | Photo Madalina Dobraca_01.10.2018

The second one is a little vampire settled at the entrance of the Macca-Vilacrosse Passage.

J.Ace | Vampire | Macca-Vilacrosse Passage | Photo Madalina Dobraca_01.10.2018

Who knows?! Maybe the head hunting in Bucharest is not yet over! Stay tuned for more!

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