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Have you ever been jobless? Maybe for a month or two? Maybe longer?

Mayhap this is what it takes for you to empathize with redundant, laid-off, unemployed, dismissed or sacked human beings. They are human beings after all! Although they may not feel like human beings any longer … they feel lousy, literally lousy, lousy like in lice-ridden. Unwanted and frightened, they either give up and hide or they struggle for existence and get aggressive, annoyingly insistent and prone to compromise. Fight-or-flight rules!

Jobless people may be overcome with grief. They may experience all possible stages. They mourn. I have seen shock, denial and isolation, pain & guilt, anger, bargaining, depression and loneliness, eventually acceptance and hope …

In my practice I learned to be close to all stages jobless people experience, but the truth is that I can only help those who have reached the point of adjusting, reconstructing and working through. Those who are willing and able again to plan for the future!

I am not a psychologist, nor am I a theoretician. But I have personally experienced being jobless. Twice. The first time I chose to quit. The second time business closed internationally and locally. So yes, I do empathize. For the sake of honesty I will also admit that I did not personally experience all those grief stages. I must have been either over-optimistic or self-confident or simply lucky! I remember though the financial pressure. And I vividly remember pawn shops!

“What’s you point?”, you may ask.

It is maybe that time of year when wishes could / should come true or people might be more open to give or share. It is also definitely one year of my personal & professional life of working with several jobless people. There are people I was able to help, others not.

Did you try to help any? In any way? Down to the most basic: did you reply to an e-mail coming from a jobless person?


Featured photographer: Mihaela Ghita, “Terapie prin fotografie”

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