Many of you might have been involved in recruitment processes and eventually rejected with a simple sentence: “You are overqualified for the position”!

As much as this feed-back may be accurate in some cases, most often “overqualified” is just an ‘honorable’ excuse used by recruiters and a more easy way for them to reject candidates, without confronting you with the real situation or issue.

Behind the curtain, “overqualified” can be thus a “synonym” for:

  • Our company cannot accommodate your present package or your general financial expectations, you are too expensive for us;
  • You are a perfect match for the job, but employing you might threaten a direct superior, since your skill-set is already exceeding her/his professional background and s/he fears that soon enough you might take her/his job;
  • You are too… ‘senior’ (= you are too old)… the recruiter avoided age discrimination in the job specification, but… there’s a way out again, you become “overqualified”;
  • You are a (fe)male … and the recruiter avoided gender discrimination in the job description, but … here’s the life buoy he uses – you are “overqualified” again;
  • You simply did not have the right ‘chemistry’ with the interviewer… he did not like you personally… therefore you became… “overqualified”.

Overqualified per se means (according to all dictionaries) that you are more experienced and educated than you need to be to do a particular job; that you are having more knowledge, skill, and/or experience than is needed (for a particular job).

According to this definition, please carefully read job descriptions to avoid real-case situations when you are truly overqualified! If you have done your homework and your background and experience comes really close to the specified position requirements, then make sure that you will never take a feed-back like the above for granted! Explore what “overqualified” means for the interviewer!

You still might not obtain a straightforward feed-back, despite your efforts to clarify the term “overqualified”, but at least you will not be de-motivated by the feed-back received and you will be able to pursue new searches with confidence and trust in your own powers!

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