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Daniel Balanescu

WORKSHOP: “3 Employment Interview Simulations”

3 Volunteers. 3 different Professional Backgrounds. 3 disparate Job Descriptions. 3 distinct Job Interview Simulations. This is our agenda for the Workshop to be held on April 10, 2016.  I thus invite you to participate as ‘silent observers’ in the three simulation interviews!

WORKSHOP: “The Job Seeker’s Guide”

Why am I looking for a job? I am Jobless … I am unhappy at my current job … with the present job scope or the mid-term perspectives with the company (the company as such, the direct manager, the team dynamics, etc.) | I anticipate changes in the company, which will also have an undesired impact […]

Ilie Krasovschi

WORKSHOP: “Your CV – Step by Step”

CV Writing is challenging, but equally rewarding. The time spent to look back and assess past achievements, identify key areas of expertise, knowledge & skills and project these into the future is definitely a time well spent! Writing or re-writing the CV can be a motivating endeavor, flavored with pride, self-appreciation & self-esteem, joy, a […]

Billie January 2016

Pet-Friendly Companies

Happy New Year, (furry) friends! May 2016 bring two-legged and four-legged even more closely together!

Rodnei Mountains by Flavia Dobraca

Romania seen by my 14 years old daughter

I love her. Of course, Flavia is my daughter and I love her and cherish her. But beyond that, beyond the mother love, beyond that – you know – oh, I so much like her! She is fun, smart, empathetic, curious and daring. She lights up the room with her smile and her laughter is […]

We did well in 2015!

At the end of 2014 I was optimistically looking forward to 2015 (The Romanian HR & Recruitment Market in 2014). Wishful thinking paid off: We did really well in 2015! Like most of you!

Too old?

More and more 40+ years old job seekers – both women and men – show concern related to their age as a potential disqualifier for their application.

Daniel Balanescu

Challenges in HR Management

The quite storm-beaten business environment as of & post-2007/2008, the related dismay, the subsequent timid and cautious stabilization or recovery attempts and – last but not least – the present resumption, they have all triggered changes in the HR Management scope, roles & priorities of companies as well.

Partner Profile: Géraldine Aresteanu, Photographer

Some of you have already met Géraldine during our shooting sessions in Bucharest or Sofia. Many of those who have met Géraldine have been charmed not only by her photographic talent, but also by her flourishing personality, liveliness and contagiously joyful spirit. I am happy to announce today the launch of Géraldine’s own website and […]

Forecast Autumn 2015: Recruitment Market & HR Trends

September 1st 2015 The Romanian HR market prepares for the autumn business season. It seems to be the start of a quite busy period; active developments are expected in terms of recruitment, along with focused HR tendencies.

Summer Resfeber …

It’s that time of year when business slows down because of upcoming summer holidays. You are overwhelmed by wanderlust. Let joy and excitement guide your summer! Indulge in summer resfeber!