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Perspectives by Flavia Dobraca

Trending in HR & Organizations

The first quarter of 2016 has been the go-live for several anticipated changes in HR & organizations, along with the strengthening of newly implemented systems or processes and the reinforcement of a rising HR & business conduct vocabulary. Let’s keep pace with the trends and review hash tagged tendencies!

Foto: Bogdan Comanescu

Easter in Romania

Orthodox Easter (this year on May 1st, 2016) is celebrated by more than 85% of the Romanian population. “Paștele” (Easter) is locally one of the most important religious celebrations, preceded by numerous preparations and rituals. Enjoy an illustrated Easter gallery! Happy Easter | Paște fericit! Cover photography ©Bogdan Comanescu

Daniel Balanescu

WORKSHOP: “3 Employment Interview Simulations”

3 Volunteers. 3 different Professional Backgrounds. 3 disparate Job Descriptions. 3 distinct Job Interview Simulations. This is our agenda for the Workshop to be held on April 10, 2016.  I thus invite you to participate as ‘silent observers’ in the three simulation interviews!

WORKSHOP: “The Job Seeker’s Guide”

Why am I looking for a job? I am Jobless … I am unhappy at my current job … with the present job scope or the mid-term perspectives with the company (the company as such, the direct manager, the team dynamics, etc.) | I anticipate changes in the company, which will also have an undesired impact […]

Ilie Krasovschi

WORKSHOP: “Your CV – Step by Step”

CV Writing is challenging, but equally rewarding. The time spent to look back and assess past achievements, identify key areas of expertise, knowledge & skills and project these into the future is definitely a time well spent! Writing or re-writing the CV can be a motivating endeavor, flavored with pride, self-appreciation & self-esteem, joy, a […]

Billie January 2016

Pet-Friendly Companies

Happy New Year, (furry) friends! May 2016 bring two-legged and four-legged even more closely together!

Rodnei Mountains by Flavia Dobraca

Romania seen by my 14 years old daughter

I love her. Of course, Flavia is my daughter and I love her and cherish her. But beyond that, beyond the mother love, beyond that – you know – oh, I so much like her! She is fun, smart, empathetic, curious and daring. She lights up the room with her smile and her laughter is […]

We did well in 2015!

At the end of 2014 I was optimistically looking forward to 2015 (The Romanian HR & Recruitment Market in 2014). Wishful thinking paid off: We did really well in 2015! Like most of you!

Too old?

More and more 40+ years old job seekers – both women and men – show concern related to their age as a potential disqualifier for their application.

Daniel Balanescu

Challenges in HR Management

The quite storm-beaten business environment as of & post-2007/2008, the related dismay, the subsequent timid and cautious stabilization or recovery attempts and – last but not least – the present resumption, they have all triggered changes in the HR Management scope, roles & priorities of companies as well.