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Dorel Topan

Right-brained? Left-brained?

We still enjoy describing ourselves as right-brained or left-brained, even if we know today that the theory of right-brain or left-brain dominance is outdated and over-generalized.

Holacracy. Flavia Dobraca

Dictionary: Flatarchies & Holacracies

The rise of new leadership models, the development of technologies, and the multi-generational workforce mix tend to challenge traditional organizational structures.

Eye by Flavia Dobraca

Eye See You

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Oscar Wilde Interviewing or being interviewed relies not solely on the explicit meaning of words, but most often involves implicit messages expressed through non-verbal behaviors.

Flexible Working

Dictionary: ROWE

ROWE™, a.k.a. Results-Only Work Environment™, is a type of flexible work arrangement, whose 2005 creators are Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson, co-CEOs of CultureRx®. Cali and Jodi subsequently designed a methodology for ROWE™ certified organizations.

Daniel Balanescu

How to avoid / replace buzzwords & hyperboles in your CV

It may well be true that you have “huge / big / large / extensive / wealth of experience”, “exceptional / valuable expertise” and that you have had “outstanding results”. Recruiters, however, tend to dislike reading these hyperboles in your CV. They might want to read instead about your e.g. “5+ years experience in …”, […]

Job Sharing

Dictionary: Job Sharing

Job Sharing is an employment option that lets two people share the responsibilities of one full-time position. Simply defined, job sharing is two professionals forming a partnership to perform one job.

Geraldine Aresteanu

Recommended Websites (III)

You asked about my internet literacy habits: websites I am regularly visiting, blogs I often read, preferred web pages. Since there are quite a few I am truly fond of, I will describe them in series, randomly choosing 3 web pages in each article. “I’m not a fan of giving a website a simple number […]

Geraldine Aresteanu

Dictionary: …preneurs

Innerpreneur Innerpreneurs find their inspiration within themselves and start their businesses as a way to achieve their personal growth rather than that of the company. Driven by a strong purpose, they find their personal fulfillment and satisfaction through their work. (Definition by Intelligent HQ) Link to “What Is An Innerpreneur?”     Intrapreneur A […]

Constantin Severin

Welcome Back, Repats!

Repatriation of Romanians back to their homeland has been driven so far rather by personal motivators (family members left behind, personal or spouses’ adaptation issues living abroad, homesickness, longing for friends, nostalgia …). Repatriation sounds therefore to be a personal choice. Unfortunately, repatriation linked solely to personal reasons often triggers professional dissatisfaction, difficulties in finding […]


Dictionary: Millennials

Also known as the Millennial Generation or Generation Y, the Millennials are the demographic group of people born in the 80’ & 90’s and who will globally comprise by 2025 the majority of the workforce.

BINAR featuring Alex Radu


BINAR is a twofold human project which pairs two equally talented and lively photographers – Geraldine Aresteanu and Cornel Lazia. Both artists focus simultaneously on the same person, zoom in and capture side by side a combined reflection of this unique individual. The resulting combo changes the way you look at people and, profounder, people […]

Dorel Topan

Dictionary: Agile Working

About the “Dictionary”: Launched today, the “Dictionary” on this site will include novel HR-specific and contemporary business terms that are either trendy or avantgardistic, popular or leading-edge. Each term will be described in an ‘elevator pitch’ manner (a very short presentation that you would do to somebody you briefly meet, like in an elevator, to […]