Recommended Websites II

Recommended Websites (II)

You asked about my internet literacy habits: websites I am regularly visiting, blogs I often read, preferred web pages. Since there are quite a few I am truly fond of, I will describe them in series, randomly choosing 3 web pages in each article.

Link to the previous article of the series: Recommended Websites (I)


“You are what you share.” C.W. Leadbeater, We Think: The Power Of Mass Creativity


1. Dear World

Dear WorldRobert X. Fogarty’s Dear World unites people through his distinct message-on-skin portrait style. He started this project in 2009, asking people to share one meaningful message with family, friends and strangers.

Dear World is part business/art project/social experiment.

“Dear World is a platform for people no matter what race, language, pedigree or prettiness to write our future in simple ways. […] What we want desperately, what we truly want, is to create a space for a kid in Manhattan and a man in Mumbai to connect. We will travel the world documenting beautiful, interesting and curious people in our style. Because what we know now is the kid in Manhattan and the man in Mumbai are connected. […] We’re working towards a beautiful, wonderful world where more people send a message to family, friends and strangers in this way. Where people get that we’re connected and that you can build something fast alone, but to build anything great you have to go together.” Robert X. Fogarty

The Dear World family reached Romania thanks to GRASP (Global Romanian Society of Young Professionals) The national touch of MyGRASPs causes, messages and pictures are equally impressive!


2. Human Workplace

Human Workplace“The Human Workplace is a publishing firm, a think tank and a coaching and consulting business. The Human Workplace is also an idea, a mindset and a set of practices for employers, educators, entrepreneurs, career coaches and developers, HR folks, students and other leaders.” Human Workplace

Liz Ryan, the Founder & CEO of Human Workplace, comes across as a charismatic, lively, positive and energetic leader. Active professional opera singer, Liz has been moreover a corporate HR VP for many years. Liz Ryan is a former Fortune 500 HR SVP and a world’s most widely-read and well-respected workplace visionary and thought leader. Liz conceived the idea of bringing humanity back into the workplace.

Human Workplace focuses on:

  • Individual Coaching
  • Human Workplace & Employers
  • Executive Vision & Strategy
  • The Whole Person Job Search
  • Sticky Human Issues
  • Content, Content, Content

Reinventing Work for People is the mission of Human Workplace Blog.

Human Workplace answers job search & career questions, assists in creating LinkedIn profiles, calibrates personal branding, empowers networking, and shares tools to enrich professional life.

You will definitely enjoy a variety of differentiators on this site, ranging from its playful illustrations to its quality article content. And you will definitely love the videos! E.g. “How to Recruit a Human” with Liz Ryan. “We know how to recruit zombies and pod people. We know how to write job ads that insult job-seekers, and how to run an interview like a police interrogation. How do humans recruit other humans?”


3. Berlin Artparasites

Berlin Artparasites“Artparasites shares compelling artwork that alters the way we live, love, work, play, think and feel.”

Jovanny Varela-Ferreyra, curator of Artparasites, on his motivation to publish and share Artparasites:

“I enjoy throwing onto the world these wonderful seeds that I come across, with the hope that they grow & blossom elsewhere in another body. Another motivation is the cultivation of empathy. I’m convinced that with an increase in empathy there’s an increase in understanding and a decrease in conflict – a condition that allows for love to be transferred more fluidly between individuals & societies.

As an artist, I’ve discovered that art (whether in painting, dance, poetry, music etc.) carries empathetic power – it increases our ability to relate to each other and, possibly more importantly, to ourselves. But art is often difficult to “get”, so I rub together art forms like poetry (words of wisdom) and visuals with the hope to start a little fire in someone else’s chest.

We’re constantly bombarded with the struggles that come with life and sometimes those are the only things that people know. Fortunately, there are individuals that burn creative and intellectual energy to show us another point of view – and often a point of view makes all the difference.

And finally, I’m also motivated by the superficiality/distractions that social media is seemingly pushing us towards; the pointless news articles in the media, the unimportant information so many of us share on this never-ending feed. I wanted to bring something refreshing, as you put it, into that feed.”

I love Berlin Artparasites for its daily meaningful convo’s, its calming bedtime stories, its worthwihile mantras and its thoughtfully selected words of the day … “Almost. It’s a big word for me. I feel it everywhere. Almost home. Almost happy. Almost changed. Almost, but not quite. Not yet. Soon, maybe.” Joan Bauer (Word of the Day on Artparasites: Almost, January 20, 2015)


Take joy in reading recommended websites!

(To be continued …)


Featured photographer: Geraldine Aresteanu

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