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Recommended Websites (III)

You asked about my internet literacy habits: websites I am regularly visiting, blogs I often read, preferred web pages. Since there are quite a few I am truly fond of, I will describe them in series, randomly choosing 3 web pages in each article.

“I’m not a fan of giving a website a simple number like an IQ rating because like people they can vary in all kinds of different ways. So I’d be interested in different organizations labeling websites in different ways.” Tim Berners-Lee

Sir Timothy John “Tim” Berners-Lee, (born 8 June 1955), also known as TimBL, is an English computer scientist, best known as the inventor of the World Wide Web.


Links to the previous articles of the series:


1. Delivering Happiness

Delivering Happiness“How will you pay happiness forward? How will you change the world?”

First there was a book, then a bus tour, now… a business and a movement.

Delivering Happiness’ mission is to inspire passion and purpose for a happier world. Delivering Happiness provides products and services to companies looking to make happiness their business model and to create sustainable culture change for: people, companies and communities.

“Science tells us that people are bad at predicting what keeps us happy. It also says that focusing on our passions and purpose can create sustainable happiness. Yet, here we are, a global society of people that are unhappy (or think they could be happier) in life.

Simply put, everyone wants to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. To have a higher purpose. That’s where we come in. We believe by prioritizing happiness in work and life, together we can create change in the world more than we ever thought possible.”

Take a free Happiness at Work survey!

Other resources you will find on the site of Delivering Happiness:

  • A ROI Calculator: What’s your Return On Investment in happiness?
  • Book recommendations
  • Consultations for companies: a free ‘culture call’


2. Intelligent HQ


Intelligent HQ is a platform specifically tailored for social businesses, which provides digital business insights, growth, and education through the social media, social innovation and alternative finance lens.

IntelligentHQ is a thought leadership platform for social businesses. It aims to reach all kinds of professionals and industry sector drivers. It offers a 360 degree business intelligence platform with a digital and social lens focus, presenting social businesses with Intelligence, digital solutions and resources and insights.

Having only been launched in late November 2012, IntelligentHQ website has been listed as one of the Best 100 Financial Blogs by the influential Insider Monkey website, and has been growing rapidly in terms of readership and its content base. One of the biggest developments in the evolution of the site has been the commencement of a partnership with business schools, of which an example is the ongoing work with Groupe INSEEC, one of the leading international business schools with MBA programs in Paris, Bordeaux, London, Chicago, and Monaco amongst others.

“IntelligentHQ highlights the importance of do it yourself in a 3D printing world, new entrepreneurship, making things, running professional careers in a fast changing world. We are at a historical crossroads for humanity, in a sort of perpetual ongoing change, crisis, where disruptive technologies are re-configuring old businesses and creating new ones that balance profit with meaning. Therefore in this ecosystem of change, the way to innovate and succeed in business is not to question whether or not we are in a “forever crisis”, but instead to accept it, change, educate ourselves with it and use it as an opportunity!”


3. Bored Panda

Bored PandaBored Panda is a leading art, design and photography community for creative people. Bored Panda’s submission platform helps artists and creators turn their stories into must-read viral content. Their mission is to …. fight boredom!

Categories include: Travel, Photography, Animals, Illustration, DIY, Food Art, Funny, Architecture, Parenting, Nature and more.

Today, when inserting this post, I have read some impressive and beautifully illustrated stories posted by the Bored Panda:

  • about a photographer mom capturing her daughter’s love for animals
  • about another photographer capturing elderly couples’ love: In Love for more than 50 Years
  • about organic burial pods and how to turn loved ones into trees
  • about Banksy sneaking into Gaza to create controversial street art

and so many more …


Enjoy reading recommended websites!


(To be continued …)


Featured photographer: Geraldine Aresteanu

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