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Right-brained? Left-brained?

We still enjoy describing ourselves as right-brained or left-brained, even if we know today that the theory of right-brain or left-brain dominance is outdated and over-generalized.

But we love this myth resulting from the exaggeration of historic scientific research on brain function lateralization, because it allows us to ‘summarize’ the way we think in one single compound:

“Right-brained” stands for: creativity, intuition, images, color, expressing & reading emotions, music, recognizing faces. Right-brain people are more creative, spontaneous and intuitive. They are visualizing easily, they excel in non-verbal communication.

“Left-brained” implies: logic, critical thinking, reasoning, numbers, analysis, sequencing, language, facts. Left-brain people are more organized and systematic. They think in words, they are good in computation.

A left-brain recalls the words of a song; a right-brain remembers its tune.

A left-brain uses words, facts and measures to describe how to reach a destination; a right-brain is more likely to draw a map or use other means of visual aid in his description.

There is no right or wrong here! It is simply two different ways of thinking.

Click the brain to take the Sommer+Sommer quiz:

Sommer+Sommer Test

And then there is a lot of fun in taking right/left brain quizzes online! Although you should definitely not put much stock in your results, these tests may help you understand your strengths and weaknesses in certain areas. You can surely use them to develop better ways to learn and study!

Click the logo to take another Left-Brain/Right-Brain Test:


While we have a natural tendency towards one way of thinking, the two sides of our brain work together in our everyday lives. The right brain/left brain theory bears a rather metaphorical appeal :).


Featured artist & copyright: Dorel Topan

Click for full image: Dorel Topan, Nuca Nostalgica (The Nostalgic Nut)

The Nostalgic Nut by Dorel Topan

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