Artistic Interventions

artistic interventions for employeesI am happy, lucky and blessed to have started a beautiful and rewarding partnership early 2013 with Geraldine Aresteanu & Irina Teodorescu from Salez-Poivrez and with Irina & Alexandru Radu from Aiurart.

Jointly we have introduced to the Romanian market the concept of “Artistic Interventions” in companies, organizations, groups of people, communities.

Our first demo has taken place May 2013 (presentation attached), when we invited Human Resources Managers to personally experience the impact of an Artistic Intervention.

The Artistic Intervention is a powerful tool for team cohesion, empowerment of the beautiful in individuals and their groups, a potential and much more cost effective substitute for teambuilding activities. Moreover, Artistic Interventions can accompany almost every significant company event. They can mark anniversaries; they can be built-in as de-stressors during management meetings; they can be extrapolated and deliverables reoriented for marketing, PR, communication and CSR purposes. We can think of a variety of company situations where an Artistic Intervention may easily find its place and add a unique value to the people involved.

It is not easy to describe in words the way we work, since each and every project is designed from scratch to meet the needs and expectations of our clients. The attached examples may however give a glimpse of what we can do and of the artistic outcome…. what we cannot describe is the euphoria around the events, the feeling of wellness experienced by participants, the sparkle in the eyes of the sharers!

You can refer to all partners involved in this project for a more detailed description. The entire team will be happy to provide explanations!

We will also attach images of our events in this section (as well as updates in the Blog) and thoughts on how to also help communities when implementing an Artistic Intervention in a company.

Catalog Spuneti-ne tot | Ensemble 2014


Featured Artist & Copyright: Salez-Poivrez