Other Services

other servicesOver the past 20 years we have provided a variety of other recruitment or human resources management consulting services. They have mostly been linked to specific requests received from client-companies. Moreover, we have always focused on offering support for aligning human resources policies, processes and procedures to the company’s overall business strategy.

Among the services we delivered, some of them proved to be of real aid to client-companies:

  • Human Resources Audit
  • Draft / Redesign of Job Descriptions
  • Human Resources Manager Coaching
  • Training Needs Analysis & Design
  • Succession Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Project Management for large recruitment assignments
  • Organizational Analysis and Design
  • Career Progression Programs
  • Compensation & Benefits Surveys
  • Employee Opinion Surveys
  • Internal Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • 360-Degree Feed-back
  • Support for Expatriates on their first assignments in Romania
  • Mentality Alignment
  • Internal Communication projects

Several other services do not wear a fancy name, but they have all contributed to smaller or larger extents to the improvement of Human Resources processes and policies in client-companies.

We are open to any challenge that you may assign and are willing to tackle every request with the highest degree of flexibility, creativity, accuracy and commitment! We are here for brainstorming as well, whenever you think that an external party could bring a new perspective on your internal dares!

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