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OutplacementThe last quarter of 2008 has triggered an increased demand for Outplacement services. The economic crisis, the cutting-costs measures assumed by several companies, the corporate processes of efficiency improvement have all led to downsizing of management positions in numerous multinational companies with local operations. Several managers have been asked to step down, being offered exit packages and additional support for finding new jobs: outplacement services.

I have to admit that I have had quite a share of outplacement assignments, even more than I would ever have wished … Still, despite the unfortunate reasoning for these assignments, I am happy to have been chosen as a partner in outplacement: as unlucky and often unfair these situations are, at least I can step in and help redundant managers to recover from the first shock of happening, to encourage them and maintain a positive state of mind, to subsequently start working together for defining new job-targets and collaborate on pro-actively representing these professionals in front of potential new employers.

The algorithm is transparent and easy to grasp by “affected” managers: I work together step-by-step with the individual manager to be out-placed for a period of maximum 6 months. Throughout these months we start from recovering self-confidence, regaining commitment and desire to search for a new assignment, redefinition of past achievements & rewriting of CV, definition of new target-companies / industries as potential future employers of choice, direct approach of agreed companies, follow-up, training on interviewing techniques, Q&As. The placement ratio (Q4 2008 – Q4 2013) has been of 80%, which has been rated as truly high for the existing market circumstances.

My services in Outplacement are on a one-to-one basis. I am 100% dedicated to the person who needs to be out-placed (while remaining thankful to the company that has paid the services – not for the payment as such, but for the aid offered to the redundant manager! My experience has shown that the persons who have been offered outplacement services by the company who has had to let them go, turned out to be grateful, to preserve and distribute a positive image on her/his last employer, to have no hard feelings in the end). As described above, I cannot guarantee for a successful outplacement, but I can guarantee for guiding a manager to be out-placed in the right direction and, moreover, I can guarantee that I can act as a support for her/him during the first most difficult weeks/months after restructuring, while also projecting a positive image on the restructuring company.

Because of the requests I have received to not only work with individuals, but also with groups / teams of redundant employees, I have implemented the Learning Center concept and related services.

The Learning Center is rather based on providing “tools” / “tips & tricks” for restructured personnel in their own subsequent quest of finding a new employment opportunity. We work with groups of people (5 to max 10) and provide Career Counseling advice: re-writing résumés, ways to prioritize target-industries and target-companies within the chosen industries, making the difference between realistic choices and wishful thinking, writing cover letters for customized applications, searching alternative recruitment channels (online, offline, socialization, industry-specific working groups/organizations, etc.), training on interviewing questions and ways to answer them, empowering presentation skills, adjusting expectations to market status-quo and personal background, benchmarking own expertise to general market expertise & requirements, encouraging role-plays and in-tray exercises aiming to prepare for future employment interviews, answering most common questions related to interviewing for a specific job. The outcome for participants is a knowledge-base on how to identify a new job, where to look for a new jobs, how to present themselves in front of interviewers, how to handle different interviewing styles, how to answer more difficult questions, the way to calibrate expectations related to a new job, to compensation, etc.

The location of the Learning Center can be on the site of the company assigning the mandate or we can always suggest another location to suit the happening. We usually need to allow 3-5 days for completing a meaningful Learning Center.

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