Pro Bono Services

May I never get too busy in my own affairs that I fail to respond to the needs of others with kindness and compassion.Thomas Jefferson

pro bono servicesIn 2012 I promised myself that I will never let a week pass, without offering unconditional support to a person or a cause. Today, when I am writing this chapter for my website launch, I am grateful of having being able to offer free and engaged aid at least one day over each of the past 104 weeks!

My support is centered on art-related activities, educational purposes, CSR contribution.

You can always co-opt me in projects that need two helping hands and one more head in assisting freelance artists, art galleries or artistic ventures. You can count on my presence in schools or universities, helping students to find their inclinations and future career paths. You can rely on me for volunteering in HR related activities with NGOs.

Over the past two years I had the chance to volunteer in:

  • Translating / writing art catalogues in German & English
  • Organizing mixed Art-HR events
  • Promoting young artists
  • Adhering to beautiful young projects (e.g. promoting Street Delivery events, Love Issue magazine)
  • Providing career counseling support for students
  • Organizing counseling sessions with young graduates
  • Recruiting various positions for NGOs or assisting these with outsources personnel services
  • Assisting challenged individuals in identifying their value, potential and self-confidence

Please refer to me with any project you might think of, I will definitely at least analyze your request! Should your project meet a beat of my heart, I will definitely be happy to be part of it!

Featured Artist & Copyright: Geraldine Aresteanu