Perspectives by Flavia Dobraca

Trending in HR & Organizations

The first quarter of 2016 has been the go-live for several anticipated changes in HR & organizations, along with the strengthening of newly implemented systems or processes and the reinforcement of a rising HR & business conduct vocabulary.

Let’s keep pace with the trends and review hash tagged tendencies!Continue reading

Daniel Balanescu

Challenges in HR Management

The quite storm-beaten business environment as of & post-2007/2008, the related dismay, the subsequent timid and cautious stabilization or recovery attempts and – last but not least – the present resumption, they have all triggered changes in the HR Management scope, roles & priorities of companies as well.Continue reading

Dorel Topan

Dictionary: Agile Working

About the “Dictionary”: Launched today, the “Dictionary” on this site will include novel HR-specific and contemporary business terms that are either trendy or avantgardistic, popular or leading-edge.

Each term will be described in an ‘elevator pitch’ manner (a very short presentation that you would do to somebody you briefly meet, like in an elevator, to attract her/his attention), but the interested reader will always find additional bibliography links to further document her/himself.Continue reading