Exclusivity as a must in Executive Search


All Executive Search companies include an exclusivity clause in their recruitment contracts. The exclusivity clause, as much as many clients nowadays try to avoid it, is definitely very much in the advantage of the client.

The exclusivity clause allows the Executive Search firm the needed flexibility to design and apply a targeted direct search strategy into the market, ensuring thus both clients and candidates of the expected confidential approach.

Confidentiality is a critical concern for most candidates (and clients) and this can only be assured if an Executive Search firm/consultant is singularly and exclusively responsible for overseeing the search.Continue reading

Confidentiality in Executive Search

Confidentiality – a Must in Executive Search


It is often said that ‘Information is Power’. In our business, nothing is more valuable to our clients and candidates than quality information that is accurate and 100% confidential.

Our company subscribes to a code of ethics that states that the relationships to clients and candidates should be characterized by honesty, objectivity, accuracy and respect for confidentiality.

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