Daniel Balanescu

How to avoid / replace buzzwords & hyperboles in your CV

It may well be true that you have “huge / big / large / extensive / wealth of experience”, “exceptional / valuable expertise” and that you have had “outstanding results”.

Recruiters, however, tend to dislike reading these hyperboles in your CV. They might want to read instead about your e.g. “5+ years experience in …”, your “certified expertise” and your “measurable results”.Continue reading

Drafting Cover Letters

Cover Letters

Receiving an average of ten CVs per day by e-mail, I am embarrassed to admit that I seldom open the “Letter of Intent” if this comes as an attachment next to the enclosed CV. I thoroughly read the CV, but I often fail opening the attached letter.

Recognizing this superficiality, I tried to find a reason (not an excuse!) and to identify ways to empower applicants to submit more appealing letters of intent.

The term “Letter of Intent” is not by chance almost synonym to “Cover Letter”. I do read Cover Letters! As paradoxical this may sound, I have a solid explanation for clarifying the apparent misunderstanding.

The term “Cover Letter” already includes an intrinsic definition: this is a letter that is put in front of a subsequent message or attachment! The Cover Letter is meant to attract the attention of the reader! An intelligent, targeted, clear, catching cover letter can be a gate-opener for recruiters!

In order to raise interest for your attached CV, I will try to list below some tips related to your Cover Letter:Continue reading