WORKSHOP: “The Job Seeker’s Guide”

Why am I looking for a job?

I am Jobless …

I am unhappy at my current job …

  • with the present job scope or the mid-term perspectives
  • with the company (the company as such, the direct manager, the team dynamics, etc.) | I anticipate changes in the company, which will also have an undesired impact on me
  • with the salary (financial package)
  • out of personal reasons …

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Salary Expectations

Salary Expectations

Another controversial article is making internet rounds and debatable waves these days. The CEO of a career consulting company speaks strongly against the right of employers to ask candidates about their current salary or financial package. She advises job applicants to refuse divulging their present salary and to insist on firmly stating salary expectations only. Moreover, she urges candidates to become quite verbally aggressive toward potential employers if they ‘dare’ asking such questions (?!).

Subsequently, I have read a variety of comments related to the above mentioned article. In my professional opinion however, I would say that the author of the article did rather a disservice to potential job seekers. Therefore, as much as my input will not be a ‘popular’ argumentation, I will herewith state my point of view on this subject.

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The ABC of Managers

The Manager’s Imperative Alphabet!

Having worked with so many managers over the past two decades, I always asked what defines them as good managers, what affirmations have been valid for them at all times as business managers and people managers. The information gathered is now herewith alphabetically listed, almost quotes from their self-imposed imperatives for being valued managers!

The ABC of Managers_2

  • Avoid assumptions!
  • Ask the right questions!
  • Assess correctly!
  • Admit own shortcomings or mistakes!
  • Achieve!
  • Attract the right people!
The ABC of Managers_3

  • Be dependable and reliable!
  • Build morale!
  • Be consistent in behavior!
  • Believe!
  • Be honest!
  • Be flexible!
The ABC of Managers_12

  • Commit yourself!
  • Coach & counsel!
  • Collaborate!
  • Care!
  • Communicate!
  • Control emotions / control your ego!
The ABC of Managers_13

  • Delegate!
  • Develop people! Develop yourself!
  • Discuss objectives!
  • Discover!
  • Do it!
  • Dare to experiment with your ideas!
The ABC of Managers_14

  • Empathize!
  • Engage people!
  • Empower your team!
  • Enjoy managing!
  • Excel at time management!
  • Earn recognition!
The ABC of Managers_15

  • Follow from the front!
  • Focus on customers/clients to improve business performance!
  • Face the reality!
  • Facilitate new business development!
  • “Fear not!”
  • Find solutions!
The ABC of Managers_16

  • Go the extra mile!
  • Gain the commitment of your team!
  • Grasp opportunities!
  • Grow with your team!
  • Gather people around you!
  • Get your message across!
The ABC of Managers_17

  • Help others!
  • Have faith!
  • Hand down your knowledge to your team!
  • Harden your business!
  • Highlight team effort and team spirit!
  • ‘Hang loose!”
The ABC of Managers_18

  • Innovate!
  • Inspire people!
  • Influence the culture of teams!
  • Improve!
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats!
  • Implement best practices!
The ABC of Managers_19

  • Join people whom you can learn from & with!
  • Judge objectively!
  • Joke once in a while and maintain a good sense of humor!
  • Joie de vivre!
The ABC of Managers_20

  • Keep your promises!
  • Kindle the spark within!
The ABC of Managers_21

  • Listen!
  • Lead by example!
  • Leverage!
  • Launch!
  • Learn!
  • “Leave no man behind!”
The ABC of Managers_22

  • Make decisions!
  • Motivate yourself and others!
  • Mediate!
  • Make it happen!
  • Manage sagely!
  • Mirror yourself in the eyes of your team!
The ABC of Managers_23

  • Navigate your ship safely!
  • Negotiate in win-win terms!
  • Narrow down!
The ABC of Managers_24

  • Open your mind!
  • Optimize!
  • Organize!
  • Observe!
  • Originate!
The ABC of Managers_25

  • Persuade!
  • Provide feedback!
  • Plan ahead!
  • Participate!
  • Pay it forward!
The ABC of Managers_26

  • Question yourself and others to develop!
  • Qualify!
The ABC of Managers_27

  • Respect people!
  • Recognize achievements!
  • Remain calm!
  • Recruit wisely!
  • Resolve conflicts!
The ABC of Managers_28

  • Share!
  • Set clear goals!
  • Show integrity!
  • Seek input, response and feedback!
  • Safeguard your business and its people!
  • Service your customers/clients!
The ABC of Managers_29

  • Think outside the box!
  • Thank people!
  • Take the lead!
  • Team-up!
  • Tackle every task efficiently!
  • Tailor your systems, practices & policies!
The ABC of Managers_30

  • Understand technology!
  • Unchain creativity and innovation!
  • Underline targets!
  • Undertake responsibility!
  • Update!
  • Use your talent and skills!
The ABC of Managers_4

  • Value others & value everyone’s contribution!
  • Validate!
  • Venture calculatedly!
  • Verify!
  • Vow to accomplish!
  • Volunteer if it keeps your heart beating!
The ABC of Managers_6

  • Wake up happy every morning!
  • Welcome opportunities!
  • Work towards success!
  • Waste no unnecessary time, nor money or energy!
  • Watch over your crew!
The ABC of Managers_5

  • X-Ray your thoughts before acting!
The ABC of Managers_7

  • You owe thanks to your inspirational models!
The ABC of Managers_8

  • Zigzag business obstacles smartly!
  • Zoom in when necessary, zoom out when needed!
Featured Artist & Copyright: Ilie Krasovschi (original images)

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