Foto: Bogdan Comanescu

Easter in Romania

Orthodox Easter (this year on May 1st, 2016) is celebrated by more than 85% of the Romanian population. “Paștele” (Easter) is locally one of the most important religious celebrations, preceded by numerous preparations and rituals.

Enjoy an illustrated Easter gallery! Happy Easter | Paște fericit!

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Rodnei Mountains by Flavia Dobraca

Romania seen by my 14 years old daughter

I love her. Of course, Flavia is my daughter and I love her and cherish her.

But beyond that, beyond the mother love, beyond that – you know – oh, I so much like her! She is fun, smart, empathetic, curious and daring. She lights up the room with her smile and her laughter is contagious.

Wanderlust has always flown in her veins, a father inheritance. Photography started as a passion grown by my dear friend and partner, Geraldine Aresteanu.

The love for Romania has been subsequently cultivated by her photography mentor, Sorin Onisor, whose workshops she attended throughout 2015. Sorin and his Wanderers taught her about camaraderie, brotherhood, kindness, goodwill, conviviality and belongingness. Moreover, they taught her to love genuine Romania, its unique landscapes and authentic people!


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Daniel Balanescu

Challenges in HR Management

The quite storm-beaten business environment as of & post-2007/2008, the related dismay, the subsequent timid and cautious stabilization or recovery attempts and – last but not least – the present resumption, they have all triggered changes in the HR Management scope, roles & priorities of companies as well.Continue reading

Constantin Severin

Welcome Back, Repats!

Repatriation of Romanians back to their homeland has been driven so far rather by personal motivators (family members left behind, personal or spouses’ adaptation issues living abroad, homesickness, longing for friends, nostalgia …). Repatriation sounds therefore to be a personal choice.

Unfortunately, repatriation linked solely to personal reasons often triggers professional dissatisfaction, difficulties in finding a job similar to the one held abroad, needy management of expectations related to the national labor market (ranging from local market knowledge to domestic compensation & benefits structures), lack of induction to the present status of the business & employment acumen, a poor professional network on local grounds, etc. All these threats eventually lead back to personal dissatisfaction, regrets, second thoughts, what if’s …


Is it possible to turn repatriation reasoning into a professional choice?

Can repatriates achieve both personal and professional satisfaction in Romania?

Positive reply is coming from Deutsche Bank’s DB Global Technology center, whose Vice President | Head of HR, Mrs. Iulia Cirmaciu, we recently interviewed.Continue reading