The Art-based Learning Calendar: APRIL

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” Robert Louis Stevenson

Art birthdays celebrated this month (with daily, dedicated posts for each artist on LinkedIn and on Facebook):

April 1, Edwin Austin Abbey

April 2, Max Ernst

April 3, Leonid Pasternak

April 4, Maurice de Vlaminck

April 5, Giuseppe Arcimboldo

April 6, René Lalique

April 7, Gino Severini

April 8, Cornelis de Heem

April 9, Victor Vasarely

April 10, Alfred Kubin

April 11, Nicolae Maniu

April 12, Robert Delaunay

April 13, James Ensor

April 14, Gabriel de Saint-Aubin

April 15, Leonardo da Vinci

April 16, Ford Madox Brown

April 17, Zigmunds Priede

April 18, Luigi Kasimir

April 19, Fernando Botero

April 20, Joan Miró & Odilon Redon

April 21, Jean Hélion

April 22, Sidney Nolan

April 23, J. M. W. Turner aka William Turner

April 24, Jean Crotti

April 25, Karel Appel

April 26, Eugène Delacroix

April 27, Theodor Kittelsen

April 28, Émile Bernard

April 29, Auguste Herbin

April 30, F. E. McWilliam

Why #artbasedlearning?

As the world is changing enormously, the pursuit of knowledge and skill becomes acute. Humans engage in lifelong learning for both personal and professional reasons. General knowledge, (continuous) learning, (re-, up-) skilling empower professional & personal development, competitiveness, self-sustainability, social inclusion, active citizenship, satisfaction & wellbeing, and employability.

But learners are different and so should be the means of learning and education. Innovation in learning is key to an inclusive education. Hence, e.g., an art-based approach to learning.

Thank you for following #artbasedlearning! You might also like the Calendar’s spin-off on LinkedIn – an art-based Literary Birthday Calendar!

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