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The One-Minute Read #5 (Disruptive Organizations)

Joost Minnaar and Pim de Morree, known as the Corporate Rebels, have put together a list of entrepreneurs, academics, organizations and business leaders that have become successful by working in radically different ways. By checking off the “Bucket List”, the two visit their heroes, learn from them, and share their unique stories to inspire a change towards more engaging workplaces.

What are these organizations doing differently? Let us explore some of the listed companies:

SPOTIFY (music streaming company headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden). Spotify is known across the globe for its unique organizational structure. There are no hierarchical top-down management structures. Spotify uses instead squads, tribes, alliances and guilds to run its business. You can read here how it actually works!

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BUURTZORG (fully self-managed home-care organization in The Netherlands). The organization has grown to 14,000 employees in only 10 years. Client satisfaction is highest in their segment while employee satisfaction is impressive. At Buurtzorg, the approx. 1000 teams are completely self-organized and they therefore take care of the entire health care process. Among many other things, they take on new clients, plan their own work, deliver care to their clients and they even hire new nurses for the team. There is, however, still a small headquarters of about 50 people to support the nurses with bureaucratic tasks. Read here how this model functions!

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CENTIGO AB (management consulting company in Stockholm, Sweden & subsidiary of the Business Wellness Group). Centigo is a company of 280 employees, 33 of whom are owners. But none of them is the boss!  Indeed, they have no managers. There’s no one person in the organization with authority over another. This is a prime example of what academics call a boss-less organization. Read here about this business model!

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ENSPIRAL (a decentralized network initiative in New Zealand). Enspiral’s organizational experiment (a collective of passionate professionals) has attracted attention in “Future of Work” spheres. Enspiral is the brainchild of Joshua Vial, an Australian software developer who settled near Wellington (NZ) and who first used the domain for his personal consulting service. Joshua decided in 2008 to split his time between paid consultancy and volunteer work. By 2010, Joshua had turned Enspiral into a vehicle that allowed others to do the same. In short, it was a collective of socially minded professionals who split their time between paid gigs and volunteer work. Soon it became a collective of people used to freelancing, who chose to collaborate only on “stuff that matters”. This enabled them to share resources which, in turn, gave them the flexibility to contribute to social projects and charity. Enspiral has further evolved into a “global network of socially-minded individuals and small start-ups.” Read here about this organizational laboratory!

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Continue reading about disruptive organizations on The Corporate Rebels Bucket List here.


Photography© Madalina Dobraca – Street Art Collection | Featured Artists (in order of appearance): IRLO, Alex Baciu & Lucian Sandu-Milea (Piata Sf. Ioan, Brasov), Fitz Licuado (Visssual, Brasov), Sweet Damage Crew (The Park, Bucharest), Troy Lovegates (Home Matasari, Bucharest)

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