Things we did differently in 2016 & Resolutions for 2017

As 2016 approaches its end, I look back over the past twelve months (as we did before in 2015 and 2014) and what I see is that we did things differently this year!

My focus has indeed shifted from recruitment to career & employment counseling services, whereas the client is the job-seeking individual rather than the employing company. Throughout 2016 I have thus consolidated and diversified the range of Employment Counseling Services: Job Search Strategy design (online and offline, locally and internationally), CV Writing, LinkedIn Profile optimization, identification and targeted approach of Employers of Choice, Personal Branding, Interview Simulations and rehearsals for job interviews. Thank you for your trust, open-mindedness and often quite challenging collaboration this year – your full names and personae are all listed in my heart <3: L.M., F.G., M.B., G.A., L.L., R.A., A.P., E.G., L.O., G.S., S.C., N.S., S.F., L.I., B.I., A.F., R.B., V.B., T.J., A.A., G.D., C.D., C.A., R.O., L.C., C.D., C.S., P.S., M.B., C.S., R.M., M.V.! I would also like to send a warm thank you to all the recruitment companies who have supported “my candidates” this year!

Photo © Géraldine Aresteanu

Photo © Géraldine Aresteanu

More and more persons have been asking for my assistance this year. Not being time-wise able to individually work with everybody and moreover feeling the need to provide support not only to managers, but also to a more junior audience, I have launched in 2016 a series of Professional Workshops that have been held in Bucharest, at Incubator 107:

“Tough & Tricky, Funny yet Knotty Interview Questions”

“Your CV – Step by Step”

“The Job Seeker’s Guide”

“3 Employment Interview Simulations”

A heart felt Thank You to all participants and to the hosts and volunteers at Incubator 107!

Photo Collage “Workshops” © Madalina Dobraca

Photo Collage “Workshops” © Madalina Dobraca

I don’t believe that Executive Search and Agency Recruitment are dying industries, as several articles and writers have often speculated lately. But I do think that there is a need to do things differently in recruitment as well! I am surely not the keeper of the “winning formula” in this respect :), but we too have evolved and adapted our recruitment services to the changing circumstances. Generally, this means that we:

  • are willing to share more recruitment risks and challenges with the employing company;
  • are flexible to industry trends and technology;
  • source for candidates even if they don’t leave significant “digital footprints”;
  • embrace searches of niche positions;
  • build new ways to engage with clients;
  • combine “traditional” research (identification and approach) with online search;
  • seek for talent in surprising places;
  • are responsible for a professional and ethical recruitment process;
  • commit to a respectful, personal and enjoyable recruitment experience for all involved parties.

For all the differentiators above, I am grateful to my long-standing partner, Luiza Stoica, who has additionally developed the Market Mapping segment and is currently also managing qualitative market surveys for business development purposes. Chapeau, Luiza! Thank you <3!

Photo Collage “Portraits Magnétiques” © Géraldine Aresteanu / Irina Teodorescu

Photo Collage “Portraits Magnétiques” © Géraldine Aresteanu / Irina Teodorescu

“A Country a Day” / “Around the World on Fridays” – Personal Project 2016/2017

“A Country a Day” is a personal project I have started on the 4th of June 2016, aiming to alphabetically cover each country of the world through a daily photo-pictorial illustrating the unique and diverse personalities of the featured countries. The project has covered 102 countries to date and you can enjoy the variety and beauty of people and cultures every day on my Facebook page: Madalina Dobraca People & Culture Boutique.

“Around the World on Fridays” is the spin-off for LinkedIn & my website of the initial project, a weekly visual experience of people portraits and a curiosity glimpse into alphabetically selected countries for each LinkedIn post. The most recent post has reached the letter “J” – Around the World on Fridays (“J”). #Diversity #Tolerance #Humanity

For the love of humans everywhere!

Photo © Eric Lafforgue

Photo © Eric Lafforgue

“Resolutions for 2017” – Creative Writing Workshops

December brings new workshops! From December 9 to December 22 we will deliver Creative Writing Workshops in companies, “True Resolutions for 2017”. My partner, Irina Teodorescu, published writer in France is coming to Romania for the launch of her first translated novel, “La malédiction du bandit moustachu” (Blestemul talharului mustacios). On this occasion, we will also resume our partnership related to artistic interventions in companies and organize a series of year-end company events. We will work every two hours with groups of 8 – 15 persons in each company to draft individually genuine and wholehearted resolutions for the year to come!

La Malédiction du Bandit Moustachu | Irina Teodorescu

La Malédiction du Bandit Moustachu | Irina Teodorescu

I will not yet convey our warm year-end message to you (a dedicated article will follow before Christmas), but since one cannot say “Thank You!” often enough, please indulge me saying it one more time: THANK YOU FOR YOUR FRIENDSHIP AND PARTNERSHIP THROUGHOUT 2016!


Cover Photo © Géraldine Aresteanu | “… des fois, souvent je suis le fil de gauche …”

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