We are the system

We Are the System @ Aiurart

I am the system. You are the system. No matter how far or where we migrate to, we are the system.

Daniel Balanescu is preoccupied by the relationship arising between patterns and crowds, by transitions and social entropy. He used a variety of techniques on surfaces which vary from canvas to paper or used tube tickets to articulate the tension of a lone reflective being forced along by the movement of the swarm.
Daniel Balanescu – We Are the System
Curator: Dan Plesa

Please join me and my close friends in welcoming Daniel Balanescu @ Aiurart! Not only do I love his works, but, as you may have seen, some of them have illustrated my site. I am grateful & honored!
20th of May – 21st of June 2014 | Aiurart Contemporary Art Space | Bucharest, 21, Lirei St.

Full image | Copyright Daniel Balanescu & Aiurart

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