We did well in 2015!

At the end of 2014 I was optimistically looking forward to 2015 (The Romanian HR & Recruitment Market in 2014). Wishful thinking paid off: We did really well in 2015! Like most of you!

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Monthly Milestones


January 2015

  • Launch of new service: Qualitative B2B Market Research by Luiza Stoica
  • Launch of new service: (Industrial) Photo Reportages by Geraldine Aresteanu
  • Launch of new service: Career Counseling on how to search for jobs outside Romania


February 2015

  • Launch of Dictionary (novel HR-specific and contemporary business terms)

Agile Working



Job Sharing


Flatarchies & Holacracies

Chief Culture Officer

“It” Factor


  • Promoting Repatriation with DB Global Technology (Welcome Back, Repats!) while continuing Career Counseling programs for Romanians seeking to return from their assignments abroad.


March 2015

  • Launch of individual workshops “Professional CV Writing & LinkedIn Profile”


April 2015

  • Launch of BINAR by Geraldine Aresteanu & Cornel Lazia


May 2015

  • Celebrating 3 years of successful Career & Employment Counseling programs


June 2015

  • Shooting “Everybody is Inspirational” in Coca-Cola Hellenic BSO Sofia, Bulgaria by Everybody is Beautiful


July 2015


August 2015


September 2015

  • Busy in Executive Search, Recruitment and Market Mapping assignments (for the first time since 2008, really busy!)


October 2015


November 2015

  • Recruitment, recruitment, recruitment ….


December 2015

  • Allowing time to count – and not just financials 😉 :

730 new persons met and spent quality time with in 2015!

224 persons met again (former candidates, clients) and worked with in 2015!

24 articles written and published on website (www.madalinadobraca.com) and/or on LinkedIn

Flavia Dobraca_iesirea din tunel

Top Five Reads on LinkedIn for 2015 (according to the number of readers):

  1. Hobbies and Interests in Your CV | 5 Unusual Hobbies
  2. Forecast Autumn 2015: Recruitment Market & HR Trends
  3. Too old?
  4. Funny yet Knotty Interview Questions
  5. Dictionary: Flatarchies & Holacracies

Top Five Reads on My Website for 2015 (according to Google Analytics):

  1. Forecast Autumn 2015: Recruitment Market & HR Trends
  2. Hobbies and Interests in Your CV | 5 Unusual Hobbies
  3. Interview with an Intrapreneur
  4. Too old?
  5. Welcome Back, Repats!


Flavia Dobraca_Full Steam Ahead


Thank you all for this accomplished year! I am looking forward to hearing about your 2015!


Will I write: “We did excellent in 2016!”? Oh, I definitely hope so :)!



Featured photography ©: Flavia Dobraca / Full Steam Ahead!

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