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Welcome Back, Repats!

Repatriation of Romanians back to their homeland has been driven so far rather by personal motivators (family members left behind, personal or spouses’ adaptation issues living abroad, homesickness, longing for friends, nostalgia …). Repatriation sounds therefore to be a personal choice.

Unfortunately, repatriation linked solely to personal reasons often triggers professional dissatisfaction, difficulties in finding a job similar to the one held abroad, needy management of expectations related to the national labor market (ranging from local market knowledge to domestic compensation & benefits structures), lack of induction to the present status of the business & employment acumen, a poor professional network on local grounds, etc. All these threats eventually lead back to personal dissatisfaction, regrets, second thoughts, what if’s …


Is it possible to turn repatriation reasoning into a professional choice?

Can repatriates achieve both personal and professional satisfaction in Romania?

Positive reply is coming from Deutsche Bank’s DB Global Technology center, whose Vice President | Head of HR, Mrs. Iulia Cirmaciu, we recently interviewed.

Constantin Severin

MD: Is it possible to turn repatriation into a trend?

DB: We would like to see repatriation more and more as a trend and I think this is possible for people working in certain industries like IT&C. I believe people are coming back not only for personal reasons, they are usually successful professionals who are returning to continue to be professionally successful and to have some personal gains related to their social life, family, friends… They can have both in a sector like IT that has developed a lot in the last years, the quality and the working conditions are improved, the sector has quite an impact on the local economy… People are returning with the expectation of seeing the evolution of society and economy and this is no longer just an optimistic thought…


MD: Why repats?

DB: Of course we value their knowledge and the skills developed working abroad, different perspectives that they are bringing in; their diverse cultural experience is quite an asset working now in an international environment such as Deutsche Bank. We are proud to successfully contributing in attracting back our IT talents and this is a beautiful mission with not only our Technology Centre as beneficiary, but also Romania…


MD: Where do repats come from? What made them come back?

DB: We do have a number of repatriates in our team and they not just returned to their families or in their home country, they came to work for us because they wanted to actively contribute to the center’s development, to build on the knowledge gained so far and to find a professional environment similar to what they have experienced abroad. That is why the professional integration is quite smooth. They worked in countries like Czech Republic, UK, Germany or Norway.  Some of them learned about the Deutsche Bank brand and the company’s culture working in countries where Deutsche Bank has a presence.

 Constantin Severin

MD: What kind of professionals is DB Global Technology Center targeting to repatriate?

DB: IT professionals meeting our requirements in terms of experience, knowledge, skills and values. We have a number of open positions on a wide variety of professions: Software development, IT Architecture, Project management, QA and Testing, Business and Functional Analysis, Software Configuration, Release Management.


MD: What challenges do you face for attracting professionally valuable repats?

DB: It is difficult to find the right channels to build awareness and make the opportunities/job offer visible. The communities of Romanians working abroad are founded on personal similarities rather than on their profession (e.g. IT).


MD: What is your technology center offering to attract repats?

DB: Professional environment, excellent working conditions, high standards, a professional and open team, career development opportunities and the possibility to share knowledge and to develop others, opportunity of developing software for an investment bank and collaborating with colleagues around the globe, this is what we offer to all DB Global Technology employees.


MD: How can interested Romanian professionals presently working abroad contact you? / Where can they send their resumes?

DB: It’s best to use our internet site: section/Romania

Constantin Severin

In the end of our interview, we had the chance to visit the DB Global Technology Center offices: people@work and people@play. State-of-the-art equipment, positive working vibes in the open space, a ping-pong championship in a dedicated sound-proof room, a brainstorming session in hammocks, an imaginary sea-trip in a visually rich room, smiling faces.

Repatriation truly appears as an equally professional and personal choice with DB Global Technology! We therefore open-heartedly support Deutsche Bank’s efforts in attracting valuable Romanian professionals currently working in Romania or abroad.


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