Daniel Balanescu

WORKSHOP: “3 Employment Interview Simulations”

3 Volunteers. 3 different Professional Backgrounds. 3 disparate Job Descriptions. 3 distinct Job Interview Simulations. This is our agenda for the Workshop to be held on April 10, 2016. 

I thus invite you to participate as ‘silent observers’ in the three simulation interviews!

Things will unfold as follows:

I will prepare a particular questionnaire of plausible interview questions for each of the 3 already registered volunteers (as some of you may already know, registrations have been made in the past two weeks, following my call for volunteers).

The individual questionnaires will be based both on the CVs of the volunteers and on the job specifications provided by them (job descriptions of real assignments that would be of potential interest to them).

We will simulate an interview for each volunteer, as realistic as possible, to ensure that our ‘demo’ will be useful for both volunteers and observers.

After every question-answer set, I will interrupt the interview and contribute on a case-by-case basis with suggestions on how to choose a more suitable wording, clearer examples or affirmations, arguments of higher impact, etc.

At the end of each interview, observers will also have the possibility of addressing comments and questions related to what they have witnessed, to clarify the chosen interview questions and their sequence, the reasoning of the selected questionnaire and the ways the interviewer interprets the collected answers, etc.

The participants will therefore have the chance of entering the back-stage of the employment interview. We are open-heartedly welcoming you! Please be prepared to observe patiently and attentively, and – very important – to show respect for the volunteers who have accepted to publicly expose themselves.


N.b. The Workshop will be held in Romanian. You can register or ask for additional information using my e-mail address: consulting@madalinadobraca.com


Cover photo ©: Artist – Daniel Balanescu

The Workshop can also be visited on the following sites: Incubator 107 and Madalina Dobraca People & Culture Boutique

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