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WORKSHOP: “Your CV – Step by Step”

CV Writing is challenging, but equally rewarding. The time spent to look back and assess past achievements, identify key areas of expertise, knowledge & skills and project these into the future is definitely a time well spent!

Writing or re-writing the CV can be a motivating endeavor, flavored with pride, self-appreciation & self-esteem, joy, a bit of nostalgia at times, maybe some drops of regret or criticism (“I could have done better under circumstances!”), but all in all a fulfilling exercise!

I am looking forward to assisting your efforts of (re)composing your CV by organizing a 4 hours long Q&A session related to professional, yet creative CV writing.During the Workshop, I will answer to most common questions associated with the writing of an appealing CV, such as:

  • How to draft an Executive Summary or a Professional Summary and how important are these for your CV
  • How to describe past work experience with emphasis on achievements only
  • What is the preferred length of a CV?
  • How to compensate for the lack of experience by personal differentiators
  • What words are to be avoided in the CV?
  • CV – with or without photo?
  • What personal data should be included in the CV?
  • Which is the most appropriate CV format?
  • What “chapters” includes the CV and what is the order of their listing?
  • When to insert hobbies / interests in the CV
  • Do we add references in the CV?
  • Do we list all courses we have attended to?
  • How to highlight skills and professional abilities
  • How to describe the level of foreign language knowledge
  • Is it advisable or not to add a ‘headline’ describing the Objective of the CV?
  • What information is obsolete in your CV?
  • Which key-words are compulsory in your CV?
  • How does the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) select the information out of your CV?
  • How is the recruiter selecting the information included in your CV?
  • A good CV” – what does it mean?

Furthermore, I am eagerly awaiting your additional questions to be addressed during the Workshop to be held Sunday, March 13th, starting 4:00 p.m. at Incubator 107.

N.b. The Workshop will be held in Romanian. You can register or ask for additional information using my e-mail address:

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