WORKSHOP: “The Job Seeker’s Guide”

Why am I looking for a job?

I am Jobless …

I am unhappy at my current job …

  • with the present job scope or the mid-term perspectives
  • with the company (the company as such, the direct manager, the team dynamics, etc.) | I anticipate changes in the company, which will also have an undesired impact on me
  • with the salary (financial package)
  • out of personal reasons …

I am not yet actively looking for a new job, but I am thinking mid-long term of a professional change (development, next step … unlikely to find them in my current company) …

I have a specific target

  • I am looking for a job in another town | in another country (relocation, expatriation)
  • I am looking for something quite specific (a particular company, a precise role, the “dream-job”)

I am the System_Please Choose Me


Bearing in mind the above … When do I need / want to start in a new role / a new company?

How much time do I have and what resources am I in possession of for my job search?


My job search: S W O T



The Job Seeker’s Guide starts the moment you already know why you are looking for a new job, when you need or want to start in the new role / company, as well as how much time and resources you are willing or able to invest for your job search.

The Guide helps you to draft a realistic SWOT related to your endeavor: your search (with your motivation, timing and resources)

  • what are the strengths of your job search?
  • what are the weaknesses?
  • under present circumstances, what opportunities generates your search?
  • what threats, what hinders your job search?

The Guide subsequently inspires you on how to find the most suitable job search alternative related to your needs and expectations.

The Guide answers to the question “How am I looking for a job?” in the context of your own present situation.

Workshop Madalina Dobraca_The Job Seeker's Guide


To be able to cover such a variety of situations and implicit questions, I am proposing for us to meet Sunday, 27.03.2016 at 4 p.m. sharply, in order to work together for 4 hours (up to 8 p.m.) in the hosting attic of Incubator 107.

I am expecting participants from all categories of ‘seekers’ (active or inactive) or – simply – people interested to explore the prerequisite of a professional job search!

Therefore, do not be afraid or embarrassed to ‘expose’ yourselves. You will find only friends at Incubator 107!

I am the system_Daniel Balanescu and Brigitta Münz Both


N.b. The Workshop will be held in Romanian. You can register or ask for additional information using my e-mail address:

The Workshop can also be visited on the following sites: Incubator 107 and Madalina Dobraca People & Culture Boutique.


Cover photo ©: Artist – Daniel Balanescu

Article photography ©: Artist – Daniel Balanescu | Fashion & Graphic Designer – Brigitta Münz Both

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